We strive to shed light on a path that heals body and soul.

Our name

The Ancient Greek word te-ra-pe-te (therapist / healer) was inscribed on clay tablets in the Linear syllabic script (c.1400 Bc). The tablets were found in excavations at the palace of Knossos and other places in Crete and Greece.

Our mission

To deliver, an 100% Natural, 100% Cretan, 100% Premium journey to the senses.

Why we innovate with Cretan products

TERAPETE offers 100% natural products, non gmo, free from chemicals or anything artificial and can be enjoyed by everyone.


We love to share and give!

Cretan product innovation: Giving customers premium quality and design at a fair price.

Introduce in Cretan Way: We share better ways to eat using tasty, nutritious Cretan super foods.

We share our way of wellness.

You can see as here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H1XdC4_0x4