Φύλλα Δάφνης Κρήτης (Laurus Nobilis)


Bay leaf does have some amazing health benefits, such as reducing gas and bloating and preventing free radical damage due to its antioxidants. There is also some evidence that it may help in the treatment of dandruff, muscular and joint discomfort, and skin infections.

This herb has been around for generations and has been used for both medicinal and flavoring purposes. The baby leaf has a delicate fragrance, a herbal and flowery perfume, and a somewhat bitter taste.

In cooking it is used that provide a unique savory flavor and aroma that meat soups, and stews. Because entire leaves can be a choking hazard, they are removed, before serving, from recipes such as sauces, rice dishes, and soups, although their flavor remains.

Start with small amounts if you're new to cooking with this herb at home. You can use whole or powdered bay leaves, or break them in half. Bay leaf is considered to have a greater scent than taste, which is why it is not often consumed. Instead, it is gently steeped to produce tea or flavor sauces, burnt for its aroma, and utilized in various ways.